Saturday, 11 December 2010

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So you're probably wondering how many visitors we get to Well, if you're not we're going to tell you anyway!

Back in May when we first launched the new site we had about 200 visitors. That went up to 300 in June and reached it's peak in September at almost 600 unique visitors to the site for the month. Amazingly most of those visitors (ie you!) are new visitors so welcome if this is your first time here. In October and November we had around 500 visitors and we're still counting for December so we'll let you know!

Those visitors back in September were clocking up around 800 visits so 1 in 4 of you come back to us in the month - thankyou! Generally people stay on the site for between 2-3 minutes which isn't long to get your attention but is fairly typical nowadays.

The top feature by far is the front page slideshow which advertises upcoming events  followed swiftly by the welcome page and the home page where everybody starts. After that visitors go looking at the churches page as you'd expect and the events page which is where we put our calendar. Organisations and news get a look in and surprisingly the English Martyrs page and the Trent Concert page (now archived) were in our top ten so well done to English Martyrs and the Trent boys!

The key words people are searching for when they come to are 'church, worthing, churches, in,  together'. Most of our visits come directly or through a search engine so if you're a local church or organisation and would like to link to us that would be appreciated. Most of our visits come from the UK but Germany, USA, Russia, India, Phillippines and Spain all feature.

Well that's enough interesting information on who's using Please tell us what you'd like to see more of and you can comment directly on this blog.

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If you'd like to post a comment this is what it would look like, see, nothing to be scared of!

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