Friday, 3 December 2010

Advertising your events on the home page was created to show the events and news from all the churches in Worthing. On the front page we have a slideshow that highlights various special events across the town. Here's how to include your event if you'd like us to put it on the front page.

Create a poster or picture which is 460x230px and send it through to us at info[a] or contact us through the contact page telling us what you'd like to advertise and we'll be in touch with you. If you don't know what px (pixels) is then just use the same ratio so that it is twice as high as it is wide and we can put it into the right size.

Doing this is a great opportunity to get the word out about your event. We have lots of visitors and all our news and events go out automatically through facebook and twitter to even more people.

If you need any help doing the poster again just get in touch and we can point you to some people who can help. You'll see a link on the home page to 3sixtycreative who designed this site and are highly recommended. The best advice is to keep in simple with the name, date and venue of the event clearly shown and perhaps just pick a good background image to go along with it.

An example of the some of the events we advertise include the Autumn 2010 launch of Alpha, Crossroads which is a regular youth event across the town and a town centre march.

We show up to four different pictures on the home page so we can't include every event that is happening but we would like to help where we can so we look forward to hearing from you!


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